Moving to Washington

Winter Moving Tips
11 Dec

Many of us dream of sitting by a cozy fire on a cold winter’s day, gazing out at the snow from the safety and warmth of our comfortable homes. But while some of us may already be curled up on our sofas enjoying the weather, others may be looking to relocate this holiday season. Washington […]

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Thinking of Moving to Spokane, WA [🚚]

ULTIMATE Living in Spokane   Spokane, WA, is a town in the state of Washington, located in Spokane County on the eastern side of the state. The town is about 248 miles east of Seattle. Population & Demographics The 2020 population  was 219,185. The area is a diverse place to live, with a demographic breakdown […]

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Best Garage Organization Tips

You just moved to Seattle. You have a new garage, and you have three options: Start a garage band. Fill it with the boxes the movers unloaded from the truck and begin parking in the driveway. Organize the garage so effectively, you’ll be able to park the car AND find your tools. Not to mention […]

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

So, you’re excited about your long-distance move to the Pacific Northwest, but you’re wondering if there are any blood suckers in the area. We’re talking about mosquitos. These pests can vary in color, you’ll see green mosquitoes, black ones, brown ones, and more! Are there mosquitoes in Seattle? Yes, there are mosquitoes in Washington state […]

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Thinking of Moving to Snoqualmie, WA

ULTIMATE Living in Snoqualmie Tucked on the edge of a mountain with a stunning waterfall and plenty of things to do nearby, Snoqualmie, WA has a lot of charm. Located at the base of Snoqualmie Mountain near Seattle, this city not only has stunning views but great job opportunities nearby. Located in King County, Snoqualmie, […]

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THINKING OF MOVING TO SAMMAMISH, WA? This may be one of the most beautiful areas to live. Located at the base of Snoqualmie Mountain near Seattle, this city not only has stunning views but great job opportunities. Sammamish is a western city in Washington State and one of the many cities that make up the […]

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