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This may be one of the most beautiful areas to live. Located at the base of Snoqualmie Mountain near Seattle, this city not only has stunning views but great job opportunities.

Sammamish is a western city in Washington State and one of the many cities that make up the Seattle area.

Located in King County, Sammamish is a city that began to develop in the 1960s and became incorporated in 1999. The city twice has been recognized by Money Magazine as one of the best small towns to live in America.

While the area is not only at the base of a mountain, it’s also not far from where the the 1990s TV show “Northern Exposure” was filmed in nearby Redmond, with outdoor scenes filmed in Roslyn, WA.


In 2020, the population of Sammamish was 67,455. Like all cities in the Seattle area, Sammamish is expensive to live in with an average home value a stunning $830,000. That’s 3.45 times the national average. But the city also has a median household income of $174,003 a year, and that is growing rapidly with a 5% surge in 2019. Many people continue to move to this beautiful city with 30 % of residents coming from outside Sammamish.

The city is a diverse place to live with 59% white and 37% Asian.

So, you’re wondering with the high cost of housing if Sammamish is a safe place to live. And that answer is yes. It’s extremely safe. In fact, it has some of the lowest crime rates in the country. Its property crime rate along is less than half of the national average of 35.4 property crimes per 100,000 people. Sammamish has only 15.6 per 100,000.

If you are married or looking to be, this is the place for you. Married couples account for 68% of households in Sammamish.


Sammamish is an expensive place to live with a lake and a mountain view. And being close to Seattle, it will cost you. So, with an average home price topping $800,000, you might wonder if you can afford to live here. But with the average household income at $174,000, things even out.

Between 2018 and 2019, home values went up 10.8%. And the housing boom is continuing today. Property taxes are cheaper in Sammamish than in many states with an average of $3,000-plus a year.

If you are moving to Sammamish, you most likely will own a home. This has one of the highest homeownership rates in the nation at 85.7%, that’s far above the national average of 64.1%.

The average rental costs in Sammamish is $2,364.

People in Sammamish often drive into Seattle for work and fun and have an average commute of 30 minutes.


Everyone knows that Seattle is known for its rain. And no big surprise that Sammamish gets 54 inches of rain a year, that’s far above the national average of 38 inches. And being at the base of Snoqualmie Mountain, the city gets 6 inches of snow a year.

There are 155 days of sun a year. That national average is 205. But fear not—if you don’t like the rain, take the interstate over Snoqualmie Mountain for two hours and find the Yakima Valley that is known as the Palm Springs of Washington State. There are 300 days of sun in this beautiful wine country.


Being next to Seattle that’s known for live music, great restaurants and seafood, there are so many things to do.

Fall City Wallaby Ranch

fall city wallaby

A USDA-licensed breeder of wallabies and kangaroos, the Fall City Wallaby Ranch provides educational tours and private education programs. You can even pet the kangaroos!

35303 SE Fish Hatchery Rd Fall City, WA 98024

Pike Place Market

Home of the flying fish, thanks to workers who throw orders through the air to be wrapped and given to customers, Pike Place Market also has shopping, plenty of restaurants and a chance to have a crab omelet.

85 Pike St., Seattle

Other places nearby:



From lamb chops to a ribeye steak, Tanoor is rated as one of the top restaurants in the city.

22610 S. 4th St., Sammamish

Papaya Viet Restaurant

A true taste of Vietnamese food in the region, Papaya Viet Restaurant has been delighting Sammamish residents since 2009.

22610 SE 4th St., Sammamish


Check out what Sammamish has to offer by looking at the map below.


Sammamish is located in King County. Its Zip Codes are 98024, 98074 and 98075. The elevation is 541 feet.

The city is 24 square miles and is located in the Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Sammamish is 1,150 miles from Los Angeles and 2,842 from New York.


Chances are if you are moving to Sammamish and can afford the high cost of a home, then you might fit into the city’s top category for jobs that is tech, management and sales. Also, you might have heard of Microsoft that is located in nearby Redmond. The average pay of a tech job in the area is $153,000.

Many people in Sammamish work in the city, and in the Seattle area with an average commute time of 30 minutes to a job. With a median household income of $173,000, jobs pay well.

Unlike California where people often drive solo, Sammamish residents are choosing other options. Only 69.4% of residents in Sammamish drive solo, while 10.6% choose to carpool.

Looking for employment in Sammamish, WA? Click here for an Indeed link to jobs in the area. Some of the most popular jobs are in tech and health care.

While there are plenty of sales jobs in the city, people have a wide variety of choices with so many cities nearby.


Smith, Discovery and Carson Elementary all rank high for schools in the city. Sammamish Senior High also ranks well.

There are plenty of colleges to choose from in Sammamish area including Central Washington University. There also is the University of Washington in nearby Seattle and Tacoma. At Central Washington, some of the most common degrees are psychology and education.


Pro: The mountain views and Seattle.

Pro: High-paying tech jobs.

Con: High cost of living.

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