Labor Only:

Don’t need a truck? Maybe you’d decided to move yourself? We can still help you professionally load or unload your rented truck or container. When moving cross-country it is important that your items are packed, wrapped, stacked, and secured properly for long distance travel, so all of your items are in the same condition prior to your move. Ask a Move Coordinator today about our labor only service.

We highly recommend when loading your rented truck or container, that you have moving blankets available for us to wrap your delicate and valuable items in. You can usually rent those from who you are getting the truck/trailer/container from. We also have ones you can purchase or you can go with paper pads (they are what we use when loading freight containers, they are easy to dispose of and cheaper) Please let us know if you need us to bring these items as we will not unless you ask.

Additional Supplies:
– Paper Pads
– Rolls of Tape
– Moving Blankets
– Roll of Shrink Wrap
– Rope
– Straps

For labor only (Unloading/Loading), we will bring a hand truck and a 4-wheeler. If additional specialty equipment is necessary, please convey this information to your intake coordinator so your crew can come out as prepared as possible for your job.





We offer professional packing here at A2B Moving. We can pack only a couple items, maybe you just need your delicate items packed, or we can even do your entire house. Typically, we need to either set up an on-site estimate or a virtual estimate, so that one of our estimators can get a clear look at what you need us to pack. So we can give you the most accurate estimate for your packing needs. Call a Move Coordinator today to get your estimate scheduled!




We offer climate-controlled storage here at our location in Auburn. We can store for a couple days, weeks, months or even years if you need it. When you are stored here at our warehouse, your items are wrapped and protected in moving blankets while being stored in our storage vaults. The vaults are closed with metal brackets & then stacked in our warehouse. We also inventory and tag every item that comes in to our storage, and then the list is checked off when the items go out for delivery – to assure we have all your items and no damage occurred. Our warehouse is very secured as well, we have a live-camera system, security system and a secured front door that you need the code to open. Your items are very safe here being stored at A2B Moving & Storage.


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