After You Move

How to Maintain your Wood-Burning Fireplace

You just moved to Washington state, and you’re looking to combat the cool, rainy weather. Your new home has a wood-burning fireplace, but you’ve never used one before and aren’t sure how to operate it safely. How can you keep the home fires burning? Consider a few tips. From the ground up First, the basics: […]

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If you’ve never seen a fish fly through the air just after you bought it for dinner, then you don’t know what fresh is. Pike’s Place Market is famous for its seafood options, but in a city filled with tech companies and grunge rock fans searching for the next big band, there is much more […]

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Best Garage Organization Tips

You just moved to Seattle. You have a new garage, and you have three options: Start a garage band. Fill it with the boxes the movers unloaded from the truck and begin parking in the driveway. Organize the garage so effectively, you’ll be able to park the car AND find your tools. Not to mention […]

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  There is one question that comes to mind now that you have moved to the Seattle area. What exactly is a Seahawk? You made the smooth transition across the state or country to your new home. You hired the best long-distance movers in Auburn WA. But one thing got left behind — your favorite […]

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

So, you’re excited about your long-distance move to the Pacific Northwest, but you’re wondering if there are any blood suckers in the area. We’re talking about mosquitos. These pests can vary in color, you’ll see green mosquitoes, black ones, brown ones, and more! Are there mosquitoes in Seattle? Yes, there are mosquitoes in Washington state […]

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