How to Get Rid of Mosquitos
10 May

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos

So, you’re excited about your long-distance move to the Pacific Northwest, but you’re wondering if there are any blood suckers in the area. We’re talking about mosquitos. These pests can vary in color, you’ll see green mosquitoes, black ones, brown ones, and more!

Are there mosquitoes in Seattle? Yes, there are mosquitoes in Washington state overall. Generally, there are tons of bugs in Washington you want to avoid, but mosquitoes are top on our list.

Not only can mosquitos be as annoying as in-laws, they’re dangerous, spreading diseases ranging from yellow fever to West Nile Virus. As much as we love our cool, dewy conditions here in Seattle, this climate is a breeding ground for ‘skeeters. And at this time of year, they’re out for blood.

How can new ‘Toners combat the mosquitos they encounter after their cross-country move? Especially after setting up a new home sucked their budget dry, leaving no money to hire exterminators? Here are some cost-effective strategies:

Keep the bugs outside

Job 1 is keeping mosquitos out of your new home. As great a nuisance as they are outdoors, they’re worse inside. Repair or replace damaged screens to block potential access points.

Eliminate standing water

Mosquitos lay eggs in standing water, even tiny puddles. Eliminate those and you eliminate breeding grounds. Regularly pour out bird baths and kiddie pools. Even tree stumps and overwatered grass can breed mosquitos, as can blocked gutters.

Use fans

Circulating air flow in small spaces makes it difficult for the insects to buzz around and diffuses carbon dioxide exhaled by humans, which attracts the little buggers in the first place.

Light candles

Speaking of small spaces, lighting citronella candles every few feet along a deck railing will ward off bugs. They consider the candles’ lemongrass oil a repulsive odor. Peppermint and lavender also repel bugs, making them effective ingredients in DIY bug sprays.

Rely on plants

Green thumbs should plant not only lavender and lemongrass, but basil, rosemary and mint – all discourage mosquitoes.

Burn coffee grounds

Placing coffee grounds in a coffee tray or egg carton, and burning them, will stave off pests. Just be careful with the flame.

Bring in predators

Rely on bugs like dragonflies, which feed on mosquitos. Birds can help, too. Purple martins, swallows, songbirds and waterfowl count among mosquitos’ natural predators. Set up bird feeders to attract them. And you may not love bats, but setting up a haven for those bug eaters can help your cause.

Put down cedar mulch

Given that cedar oil is a common ingredient in insect repellant, you can imagine the effect of laying down mulch. Plus, it soaks up excess moisture, deterring ‘skeeters from settling in.

Install yellow LED lighting

Mosquitos are attracted to the light of traditional bulbs, but find yellow LED lights less appealing.

Keep your lawn neat

Fire up your mower and trimmer to cut back high grass and brush. Mosquitos seek shady spots in hot weather. Plus, letting more sun in dries up wet spots.

Now that A2B Moving & Storage has gotten you settled into your new home, you’re ready to take on these troublesome new neighbors. As for getting your extended family to clear out after the move-in, sorry but you’re on your own. When you’re ready to find the right moving and storage in Seattle, A2B has got you covered. Click here for your free moving quote, or give them a call at 206-419-5748 to get the ball rolling!

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