Winter Moving Tips
11 Dec

Winter Moving Tips

Many of us dream of sitting by a cozy fire on a cold winter’s day, gazing out at the snow from the safety and warmth of our comfortable homes. But while some of us may already be curled up on our sofas enjoying the weather, others may be looking to relocate this holiday season. Washington state in the winter is usually temperate and sees seasonally mild weather conditions; however, the winter forecast in Washington state can potentially become dangerous, especially for new homeowners, renters, or others moving house in bad weather.

Moving across country in winter is daunting for even the most seasoned snow-lovers, so our moving experts at A2B Moving & Storage have compiled some helpful winter moving tips for those of you who are considering moving in bed weather this holiday season.

Winter Safety Concerns in the Seattle, Washington Metro Area

The city of Seattle’s Emergency Management plan explains that Seattle, Washington typically sees mild weather conditions during the winter months but the occasional push of cold air into the Puget Sound can lead to dangerous winter storms. Because Seattle remains usually temperate, the city is not readily prepared to handle large amounts of snow or ice, which can lead to safety concerns for citizens during winter storms.

When Does it Usually Snow in Seattle?

 Like most of the continental United States, Seattle tends to see wintery conditions between the months of November and March. However, snow is fairly uncommon and is most likely to occur only at the height of winter in January or February. At A2B Moving & Storage, we are prepared and equipped to help you adapt your move to any and all weather conditions. Since 2009, we have served the Seattle area, and our experience has given us the knowledge to help you prepare for unusual winter weather conditions.

Preparing for a Winter Move in the Seattle Area

When planning a move during winter, it is important to always check the weather forecast before traveling. Knowing the forecast ahead of time can help you prepare for adverse conditions. In order to fully prepare for all manner of weather emergencies, including winter storms, it is also important to have multiple routes planned—in case dangerous conditions impact travel on major roadways. Always make sure your vehicle has been recently serviced and is winter-ready. You should always pack an emergency kit with items you may need in case of travel difficulties, including blankets, nonperishable food items, winter gear, and flashlights.

In preparation for your arrival at your new home, it is best to ensure utilities, such as power and water, are turned on prior to your arrival so your new home is ready for immediate habitation. Most importantly, you should consider hiring an expert moving service, like A2B Moving & Storage to improve your moving experience and smooth the transition to your new home. And if your new home has a fireplace, make sure you get it in tip-top shape before you use it this winter!

With locations in Spokane and Auburn, A2B Moving & Storage is your go-to moving service for cross-country relocations s in the Seattle area. Moving to or from Washington state during the winter can be tricky—but with our tips and expert assistance, your move will be a breeze! Call us at 206-419-5748 or go online to schedule your free moving quote!

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