Moving to New York or Seattle: Which Coast is Right for You?
1 Mar

Moving to New York or Seattle: Which Coast is Right for You?

Coastal living is very attractive, but something that is less attractive is the coastal price tag. As the cost of living rises and the real estate market continues to boom, many people are trying to figure out where to move and when to move to get the best deal on their perfect home. For those of you who already know you want to live on a coast, the next question to ponder, is naturally, which one? Are you more of an East Coaster at heart, or are you a laidback West Coaster by nature?

Your Pacific Northwest movers at A2B Moving & Storage are here to help. Longtime locals of the Seattle area, we know all the reasons the Emerald City should be the winner of your internal Seattle vs. NYC debate, and we have the right information to help you decide between the infamous Big Apple and the beloved coffee capital of the United States.

When focusing on Seattle vs. New York, you should consider quality of life and your personal interests. Although it suffers from a high cost of living, Seattle also offers a high quality of life compared to many other big metro areas in the United States, including NYC. However, if you value cultural diversity and culinary variety, NYC may be the place for you. While NYC is for people who love and appreciate a bustling cityscape, Seattle may be your pick if you enjoy nature and like a city that strives to stay green.

Cost of Living in Seattle vs. New York

Across the board, Seattle is significantly cheaper than New York City. Consumer prices, including rent, are 17.6% lower in Seattle than in NYC, and local purchasing power in Seattle is also 27.1% higher! A gallon of milk in Seattle is $4.31 and in NYC that same gallon of milk costs $4.69. However, monthly utility bills are higher on average in Seattle than in New York, and both cities are considered to have high costs of living in general; according to the Cost of Living index, NYC has one of the highest costs of living in the world. It maxes out the scale at 100, and Seattle is only slightly better with a cost of living estimated at 93.17.

Moving from New York to Seattle

If you’re looking to relocate from NYC to the Seattle area, then A2B Moving & Storage is the service for you. Our moving professionals are certified ProMover by the Moving & Storage conference, and with our US DOT Number, (1941425) we’re authorized to complete interstate moves throughout the country.

Moving to NYC from Seattle

Even if you’re planning on leaving the Emerald City, the movers at A2B Moving & Storage can help. Moving to NYC from Seattle can be daunting, but your local moving experts at A2B Moving & Storage are prepared to handle all long-distance moves. Call us today for a long-distance moving quote (206-419-5748) or go online to request your free moving quote!

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