Spring Cleaning to Get Ready for a Move
1 May

Spring Cleaning to Get Ready for a Move

The flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, and people are moving!

That’s right, it’s springtime in the PNW, and that means organizing, decluttering, and relocating. Spring is the season of renewal, and it is the best time of year to deep clean your home or move into a new one! Statistically speaking, more people want to move in the spring and summer months due to the good weather and booming housing market.

However, getting ready to move can be a difficult process. One of the first steps is to engage in some spring cleaning or deep cleaning to get your old home ready for new occupants, but you may be wondering where to begin: do you declutter first or sanitize? Do you need to move your belongings before cleaning or after?

Luckily, your A2B Moving & Storage specialists have the knowledge to make your spring cleaning a breeze. Your Oregon movers have put together this list of 5 tips to help make your spring cleaning and relocation easier for you.

  1. Plan in Advance by Sorting Your Belongings

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people try to begin moving by packing uncleaned, unsorted items into boxes. If you try to deep clean before planning your move or sorting your items, you’re liable to forget something or become overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to accomplish.

Make a plan instead of jumping right in. Make a to-do list for your move and sort your belongings beforehand so you know what you plan to keep and what you’d rather give away or donate.

2. Declutter Your Old Space Before Packing Up

Before you pack your belongings up and move them to your new location, it is important to know whether you want to keep them in the first place. During the sorting process, you should place items into at least two groups: items to keep and items to give away. From there, you can sort your things into more specific categories, like belongings to give to friends vs. items to donate to charity.

Decluttering before packing makes the moving process easier for you because it limits the amount of items you have to pack and encourages you to think about what you need to store for later use.

  1. Deep Clean…Everything

Once you’ve sorted and decluttered, you’re ready to start deep cleaning. This means dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and sanitizing your belongings for the move. You should clean your old space so that its new occupants have a new, fresh home when they arrive; however, you should also plan to clean your things so that they are refreshed when you arrive at your new location.

You can deep clean your home yourself or you can hire a service to do it for you.

  1. Pack Up Your Belongings Using High Quality Moving Supplies

Before moving, it is best to find the best boxes, tape, totes, and packing paper for your belongings. If you contact A2B Moving & Storage before your move, you can ask for our moving experts to bring a number of high-quality moving supplies to you, including:

  • Paper Pads
  • Rolls of Tape
  • Moving Blankets
  • Roll of Shrink Wrap
  • Rope
  • Straps
  1. Find Moving Services and Storage Solutions to Suit Your Needs

Your moving experts at A2B Moving & Storage offer a variety of moving services to suit your relocation needs. We can help you pack and store your belongings so that all you have to focus on is the important stuff.

Certified a ProMover by the American Moving & Storage Association, A2B Moving & Storage is the Oregon moving service to choose for excellent service and prompt relocation assistance.

Contact us today for more information or go online to request a quote from one of our expert movers.

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