Finding Movers in WA
26 Oct

Finding Movers in WA

Are you looking for reliable movers in WA?

Finding reliable movers in Washington shouldn’t be as stressful as moving, but sometimes determining which moving company will best handle your relocation can be daunting. Because there are so many moving companies out there, our team came up with some tips to help you find a reliable mover in Washington. Here are three tips for you to follow in your process of finding a good moving company in Washington state:

1.) Determine What You Need

Reliable moving companies offer all sorts of services. What kind of move are you planning—a local move or a long-distance move? Will you need packing services or storage at all? What about packing supplies—will you provide your boxes and supplies, or will you need your moving company to have them on hand? You might need a shipping container, depending on your move. Knowing what you need (and don’t) will help you ask the right questions to potential movers. Reliable movers in WA will have move coordinators to consult you with every process of your move. They will give you a better idea of what supplies you need, and most importantly, what you don’t. 

2.) Watch Out For Scams

We hate to say it, but some moving companies out there don’t operate ethically. These rogue moving companies count on you not knowing how reputable they work. Any company that asks you to put money down for your move is not someone you should do business with and should alarm any red flags. It’s the same for a company without a physical address on their website or a company you cannot Google. We suggest checking BBB and Yelp to look for reviews or lack thereof. These reviews will help lend legitimacy to the moving companies you’re considering. Reliable moving companies in Washington will ask you for payment after everything is done. Moving companies that receive payment before moving can hold your possessions hostage and ask you for more to deliver your goods. Many of these ‘scam moving companies’ do not own their trucks. They hire 3rd party sources to haul and service your items. At A2b, we own our trucks, and our representatives come from our team. We don’t just hire anybody.

3.) Get More Than One Moving Quote

After you know what you need from a reliable moving company, use that information to ask questions and get quotes from more than one place. Also, quotes from two different movers may be similar or vastly different; get them in writing to compare what they include and what they don’t include in the quotes. Ideally, you will want to have quotes from three different moving companies before you make your decision. Knowing how to find affordable, reliable movers in Washington will only be an asset to you as you move forward with your relocation. Here at A2B Moving & Storage, we pride ourselves on our professional and knowledgeable moving experts, and we’d be happy to help you with your next move. Contact us for a moving quote!

If you are moving out of state, you’ll be glad to know that we are an agent for National Van Lines, a leader in long-distance moves. 

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