9 Aug

Move-eager Millennials Say ‘Meh’ 2 Overabundance

  • By: Deidra Poltersdorf
  • Interstate Moving
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Grasping possessions for posterity? Newsflash: Millennials view their parents’ prized items as a pain in the posterior. Translation? E-a-s-e your grip. Individuals born 1980–2000 have a much different POV concerning ownership vs. generations preceding them. The seemingly abstract concept of digital ownership is, ironically, way more tangible to millennials than the concrete brick-and-mortar “permanence” baby […]

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When you’re thinking about choosing a home mover—whether it’s movers in Sammamish WA, movers in Redmond WA, movers in Kirkland WA or moving companies in Seattle—you’re likely forward-focused. Sure, moving ahead is great. But that momentum can make it too easy to disregard your current situation. Could it be you’ve gotten used to a bit […]

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